Get This Kit and Make Your Own Four Thieves Oil !


** The herbs are now in two convenient tulle sachets ! No more fuss or mess with straining herbs from the oil ! **

It’s easy to make your own top quality “Four Thieves” Oil ! You get two tulle (mesh) bags packed full with dried, garden-grown herbs, plus spices, which you steep in 2 cups of olive oil (or you can use your choice other healthy oils such as jojoba, almond, argan, avocado or walnut oil, for example).

This herbal oil is versatile and has literally dozens of uses…

“Four Thieves” Oil is traditionally used for soothing skin ailments, blisters, scrapes, ringworm and other fungal infections, naturally. It is traditionally believed that the herbs in the blend have anti-viral and germicidal properties. It also has insect repellent qualities. It makes a great massage oil as well ! Read more at the page…

See our article on the Legend of the Four Thieves Oil here:

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