Chakras: Healing With Crystals…


Our chakras seem to resonate with crystals when we are near them. Personal testimony from thousands of people who work with crystals show that a mild electrical pulse of energy is present when our chakras come in physical contact with crystals. If you are unfamiliar with crystals or unsure of which crystals to use on any of the seven major chakras, then use clear quartz, since it channels all the rainbow colors of the spectrum through its crystalline matrix.

Let your intuition guide you when selecting crystals for your personal use. Think about what you wish to achieve with them. For example: do you want them as a focal point in your living room? Are you wishing to change the energy in the home office? Will you group them together in a copper or marble bowl, or will you have one large crystal facing west? Do you wish to use them for healing purposes?

On a sheet of paper write down some questions and ideas to be considered before you purchase any crystals.

Crystals do not have to be large or expensive to be effective. Start with a selection of crystal pebbles [tumbled stones] in the seven colors of the spectrum, and add to this number two clear quartz crystals. A perfect number of nine, which in the crystalline matrix is the most desirable. Nine crystals are perfect for harmonizing with the base chakras. Keep the stones and the clear quartz wrapped in red or royal blue satin or cotton cloth. Be sure to cleanse the auric field before and after using the crystals.

Blessed be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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