Yule Tidings

December 7, 2021 // 1 Comment

Christmas Potpourri 1/2 cup of miniature pinecones1/2 cup of broken cinnamon sticks1/4 cup whole cloves1/2 cup dried rosemary1/2 cup dried peppermint2 cups of dried rose petals6 drops of peppermint essential oilLayer the dried herbs and pinecones in a glass jar. Fill the jar to the top, and sprinkle the 6 drops of [ to read more ]

Thank You Letter

August 3, 2017 // 0 Comments

Dear Readers, Meadow Walker and I would like to thank you, our valued readers for being there — because without you we wouldn’t be here ! We hope you continue to enjoy and make use of the articles in this blog. We would also like to thank Lost Empire Herbs for recognizing us as one of the “Top 50 [ to read more ]

Happy Halloween to All Our Readers !

October 29, 2016 // 1 Comment

Some Halloween traditions can be traced back to the ancient Celts and their belief that spirits of the deceased were able to wander the Earth during Samhain. Treats were laid out to appease the spirits, and costumes were worn so the living would blend in with the departed. If you encounter spiders in your house on [ to read more ]

Spring Letter

March 1, 2016 // 1 Comment

Turmeric [Natural News] “Turmeric has long been one of the most prized spices from the East, but its benefits extend far beyond the wonderful flavor and color it lends to many recipes. The health-promoting properties of turmeric have been known for millennia, but only recently has it been discovered that the [ to read more ]

January is National Hot Tea Month

January 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

January is National Hot Tea Month, and what better way to kick off your New Year resolutions than with a healthful cup of tea ! Teas in general contain antioxidants, and both green and black teas include a few that are unique to each of them. Studies show that drinking green tea (which contains more antioxidant [ to read more ]

Yule Blessings

December 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

First day of winter is Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 04:88 UTC. Celtic Blessing – Prayer The food is put away for winter The crops are set aside to feed us The cattle are come down from the fields The sheep are in from the pasture The land is cold, the sea is stormy, the sky is gray The nights are dark, but we [ to read more ]

Ostara ~ Rise and Shine

March 16, 2015 // 6 Comments

Ostara, also known as Easter, Lady Day and The Festival of Trees… Ostara is the celebration of the Spring [ vernal ] Equinox when day and night balance. Astronomically, the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator at this time. The vernal Equinox usually falls on March 20th – 21st. The name for the festival is [ to read more ]

Saving the Monarchs

February 12, 2015 // 4 Comments

Growing up as a child in Virginia, one of my fondest memories was watching the spring and autumn migrations of the orange and black butterflies we call monarchs. It’s with great sorrow that I recently learned they are on the brink of extinction, due in large part to the eradication of milkweed, the plant they [ to read more ]