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Greenhouse in Meadow Walker’s backyard.

This blog is about garden herbs: their benefits, how to use, grow, harvest and preserve them. Here you can find articles on herbs used in Medieval times, and the Legend of the Four Thieves formulas. We also feature monthly articles such as From the Herb Basket and In the Herb Garden. You can find lots of practical tips on preparing herbal teas, using herbal remedies, buying and selecting herbs, gardening, recipes and more.

This blog is maintained by two herb aficionados, Meadow Walker and Azul.

cml5Meadow Walker is an author and garden writer, and has been growing her own herbs for over thirty years. She is a Certified Master Gardener and Practicing Herbalist.

For many  years she wrote a newspaper column called The Green Thumb. She also teaches culinary herb cooking classes to small groups during the summer.

azul01Azul grows South American and Asian herbs and vegetables, as well as the familiar culinary herbs. He also collects old books on herbs, remedies and recipes which he shares on this blog as the occasion arises.

Trained as an Anthropologist, he is a student of herbal lore as practiced by people of tradition in far away places.

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