Sweet Smelling Herbs That Also Repel Pests !

There are herbs that can be kept in closets or tucked in with stored clothing to keep away moths and other pesky insects. They also smell great and keep your clothes smelling fresh. No need to use toxic mothballs or harsh chemicals. Such herbs are usually dried and then placed in small cloth netted bags or sachets. They can be used alone, or blended with other herbs.

Lavender repels flies, silverfish, fleas and moths, aside from having a pleasant, calming scent. Santolina (cotton lavender) has the strongest insect repellent properties and can be mixed with English lavender in sachets.

Mint repels mice ! Foundation plantings of mint close to the house will also deter moles and voles. It also drives away fleas and some species of ants.


For tick and flea infestations, try English Pennyroyal. This is a small leaf herb that produces spikes of purple flowers. Dry the herb leaves and flowers. Grind them together with 1/2 cup of baking soda in a pestle. Sprinkle this “pennyroyal dust”  around the house, garage and shed foundations. Pennyroyal is a member of the mint family, and regular mint and spearmint also deter fleas.

Catnip is a good mosquito repellent, and will make your cat happy too! The essential oil in catnip, nepetalactone is 10 times more effective than deet.

Other insect repelling herbs include wormwood, tansy, thyme, basil, sage, and rosemary. 

Bay leaves are particularly effective in deterring roaches. They also repel moths, earwigs and mice. If you have a roach problem, scatter bay leaves on kitchen shelves, drawers, in the pantry and other areas where you see them congregating.


Check out the Etsy store for insect repellent sachets. Custom blended sachets that are safe to use around food, children and pets. Each sachet is crafted by hand and includes a generous sample of each herb listed in this article. Contact the store owner for more information about custom made repellents and prices.


5 Comments on Sweet Smelling Herbs That Also Repel Pests !

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  4. Dragongirl // March 27, 2015 at 2:12 am // Reply

    where can you buy the seeds for these plants i need to grow them I have moles can’t get rid of mice I don’t like to trap flies that drive my husband n dog Bella mad . lol

  5. Dragongirl,

    Hi, Welcome to Mystical Magical Herbs.

    You can buy the seeds at garden centers, stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot sell the seeds and the plants. Lavender seeds take a long time to sprout and grow into plants, so I suggest you buy the plants instead of seeds. Herbs won’t deter moles, as they tunnel underground looking for grubs and other insects. Mice don’t like spearmint and the stronger scented mint plants. You can scatter dried mint around areas where you see the mice. Mice are always looking for food, so don’t leave any for them to find. Like the dog’s food bowl. Wash it between feedings.

    Deter flies by growing basil near the back door or outside. A pack of basil has about 50 seeds, and you can grow a lot of basil ! Flies dislike apple cider vinegar, so you might wish to fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and spray around areas where you see the flies. Apple cider vinegar is safe to use around pets and children, and it will deter flies. Strongly scented marigold plants will also deter flies and mosquitoes. Plant them near the house and back porch/patio. If the trash can is near the house, move it. I know this all sounds overwhelming, but once the herb plants are growing, you’ll see less flies and mice.

    And it all else fails, do like my neighbors do- they routinely spray apple cider vinegar all around the outside of the house. They buy it in gallon jugs. I don’t think they’re bothered by too many pests. They spray around the foundation, the children’s play area, and near the dog house.

    Blessed be.


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