From the Herb Basket – 5

Rosemary and corn, cleaning out the herb racks

rosemary with corn

Add a sprig or two of fresh rosemary to frozen corn while it cooks. What a delicious flavor, you won’t miss the butter or the salt.

Steam fresh zucchini and spring onions with chopped, fresh oregano for a delicious “Italian taste.”

Start the new year off right by cleaning out your herb rack. Chances are if the herbs and spices have been there since last January, they are stale and should be tossed out.

Remove any small green shoots from the center of a cut garlic clove, because these tend to make food taste bitter.

The Romans and Greeks regarded the pink flowers of clove plants as the flowers of the gods.

A good herb garden should have a few weeds here and there so as to keep nature in balance.

To deter insects, crumble dried lavender leaves and buds into boxes of books before storing.

Avoid watering small herb plants when it’s windy, because the moisture will soon evaporate and leave the plants wilted.

~ Meadow Walker

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