Eight Super Herbs For Arthritis

Turmeric: The spice that gives curry its bright yellow color contains the potent anti-inflammatory chemical curcumin. Turmeric improves arthritis symptoms and reduces blood levels of inflammatory chemicals.

Ginger: Another curry spice, ginger decreases pain and inflammation. In one clinical study, 250 mg of ginger in capsule form, when taken daily, reduced knee pain from osteoarthritis. Ginger must taken every day to be effective.

Boswellia: Improves arthritis pain in knee and hip joints, but may cause gastrointestinal upset if too much is taken during a 24 hour period.

Devil’s Claw: An herb native to South Africa, it decreases pain from arthritis and painful joints.

Cat’s Claw: A spiky vine from South America has been proven to reduce knee pain during a mild exercise program. This herb helps in reducing pain and stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis when taken daily.

Willow: The bark from willow contains salicin which is a natural aspirin. Willow is used to treat underlying causes of low back pain and swelling in the knee joints. Extract of willow in a 240 mg capsule brings relief better than a 325 mg aspirin.

Cayenne: Inhibits inflammation and joint pain. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. A compress made from cayenne and warm water would be the best way to apply this herb to a swollen knee or ankle.

Stinging Nettle: The fresh leaves when made into a poultice relieve joint pain in the hands. A tea made from the leaves improve arthritis symtoms, if the tea is consumed a few times a week. Fresh nettle can sting your hands, so wear gloves while harvesting the leaves.

~ Meadow Walker

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