Calendula- Europe’s Wonderful Flower

calendula officinalis

For centuries, healers from all over the world have used calendula’s bright orange and sunny yellow flowers. Related to daisies, calendula’s medicinal powers are acknowledged throughout Europe, and called the “wonder flower.” Calendula products are so popular in Europe, they are in virtually every first-aid kit and medicine cabinet.

Petal power: After cleaning small cuts and abrasions, apply calendula cream directly to the affected area. Calendula is wonderful for fast healing. Wounds treated with flower-infused cream healed in 8 days or less. Large wounds require a doctor’s attention, so don’t use calendula on serious burns or deep punctures.

Calendula oil works just as well as those costly skin creams sold at fine department stores. Calendula oil firms up sagging skin by encouraging collagen production. Plus, it stimulates skin cell turnover for a brighter, more youthful complexion. While calendula can’t turn back the clock and restore youth, it will plump up fine lines and wrinkles and make them less visible. Check for a store near you that sells Earth’s Best Extra Rich Therapy Cream. Or, look for Herb-Pharma Calendula Oil.

Or you can make your own like I do. I add 1/2 cup of dried calendula flowers to 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil in a glass jar. Allow the calendula to infuse with the oil for 14 days. The oil takes on a golden amber color as it infuses with the calendula petals. Strain out the herb/flower and use this calendula infused oil on rough skin around your fingernails or elbows. Works just as well as those costly jars of moisturizer. And, because olive is gentle to sensitive skin, you can apply a little dab on the T-zone between your brows.

For dry and cracked heels, apply calendula oil. You’ll only need a small amount of the oil. Rub it in well, and put on some white socks overnight. What a difference in a few days. Your skin will become softer and the cracks will begin to heal. I also use the oil on my hands as well. I work outside and in spite of gloves, my hands are often rough and dry. I’ll apply a few drops of the oil, and gently massage it into my skin. Remove the excess with a tissue. What a difference! Smooth skin and shiny nails.

Give calendula a try. It’s a wonderful herb/flower- and best of all it’s additive and chemical free. Check the archives here at the blog for making calendula and other ointments and salves.

~ Blessed be, sweet ones

Meadow Walker

The Etsy store carries Calendula Cream in 2 ounce jars. It contains flowers of calendula infused with almond oil, lavender essential oil and organic beeswax.

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