Herbal Pharmacy – 10


Ease aches and pains with spices
Adding 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper, turmeric, paprika or ginger to your daily diet could reduce production of pain-triggering inflammation within a week. Research shows that these flavor boosters contain compounds that turn off cyclooxygenase-2 (also known as cox- 2) — an enzyme linked to chronic inflammation.

Protect joints with cherry extract
Gout flare-ups occur when uric acid builds up and crystallizes inside joints instead of being flushed out by your kidneys. Cherries are rich in nutrients that prevent those uric acid crystals from forming. Try eating 30 fresh cherries three times a week — or drink 6 ounces of the unsweetened juice each day. Or use a supplement of tart cherry extract. Follow the label for dosage. Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Rosemary oil improves hair texture when mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or argan oil. The oils deliver anti-oxidants to the scalp, feeding it essential nutrients needed to keep hair and scalp healthy. Mix 5 drops of rosemary essential oil and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil together. Massage into scalp. Leave on for 10 minutes, then shampoo and towel dry the hair.

Boswellia helps relieve joint pain. This Ayurvedic herb switches on enzymes that repair and replace aging body cells, possibly also lowering your cancer risk by about 25%. Vitacost.com has the Boswellia capsules – $ 11 for 100 tablets. Boswellia is an anti-inflammatory that reduces joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

Turmeric fights dementia. Taking turmeric extract daily helps your liver flush out toxins. In addition to flushing out toxins, turmeric also reduces brain damaging inflammation, thus cutting your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by about 30 %.

A daily cup of black or green tea helps protect your skin from damage by pollution.

Blessed be, Sweet Ones.

~Meadow Walker

Always consult with your doctor or health care provider before using or consuming any herbal product.

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