AQUARIUS The Water Bearer

Dates – January 21 – February 18

Ruled by – Saturn and Uranus

Eleventh House

Element – Air

Glyph – Two Waves – symbolise intuition and charity

Favorite – Winter

Best day – Saturday

Lucky number – 4

Birthstone – Aquamarine, Amethyst

Crystals – Amber, blue obsidian, moonstone

Favorite colors – Sky blue, electric blue, turquoise

Animals – Peacock, Egret , Parrot

Foods – Peppers, Cheese, salads, apples

Herbs – Chamomile, Rosemary, Water Mint

Trees – Pear, apple, rowan and white ash

Best places to visit – Croatia, Russia, Scandinavia, Sweden and North America

Appearance – Water Bearers have piercing eyes, often green or gray in color. A slim and wiry body. Their aura is energetic and commands attention when entering a room.

Aquarians are famous for bringing about social change. They possess a brilliant mind, and many of them are considered genius.

Aquarians often have problems with intimacy when relationships move along too quickly. The Water Bearer often prefers solitude. He or she will consider themselves complete without a partner as they grow older.

Hobbies – Painting, jewelry making, restoring old cars, reading Science Fiction books and browsing thrift stores.

Gifts – Aquarians love anything different. Clever gadgets, the latest tech gear, crystals, silver jewelry, vintage clothing.

Career choices – System analyst, researcher, social worker, engineer, scientist, teacher.

Blessed Be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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