To Make an Amulet


An amulet is a magical tool that helps to bring about changes in your life. We have a new year ahead of us, one that can and should be filled with knowledge and adventure. And love as well.

To make an amulet, begin with a piece of cloth or leather, about 8 inches in diameter. If you’re the rustic type, a section of burlap will do. For the romantic, a square of velvet or satin. It matters not what type of cloth, what matters is intention.

To this cloth you can add a few herbs, rosemary for memory, sage for wisdom, fennel for protection, choose a few of your favorite herbs and add a sprig or two. Next, add a colorful stone, maybe a coin from the year you were born, feather of a dove for peace, a poem you wrote for yourself or a loved one. An acorn to remind you that even though the acorn is small, it grows into a mighty tree. The oak tree is the most sacred of trees and he is royal. You may want to add a small branch from a willow tree, which bends so easily, that you may lean into a whirlwind and not break. All these items are appropriate if they match your intention.

Every part of an amulet has significance symbolically: colors, cords or ribbon, and the ingredients contained within. Some herbalists/wise women/medicine women, add everything all at once, state their intention and tie up the cloth and the contents. For myself, I assemble the ingredients over time, all the while stating my intention to the four corners of the Earth. Once the amulet is made, I charge it with my own magical powers. Charge it for good, not evil. I am bound by a creed, by a profession that allows for no mischief in my medicine walk. Three times I will charge the amulet, repeating this verse:

I charge this amulet, by three times three, to do harm to none, nor return to me. As my will, so mote it be.

Once the amulet is made and tied up with ribbon or cord, it should never be opened again. It has a sole magical purpose, and once that purpose is manifested, it is finished.

This amulet can make an excellent house blessing. Hang it in a tree or place it somewhere high up on your property. Replace it once a year on the summer solstice. Bury the old amulet without looking inside.

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Today I made an amulet for this forum. My intention was to create a place where my brothers and sisters can come to learn, to read, to feel at home and to be at peace with themselves.

~ Meadow Walker

4 Comments on To Make an Amulet

  1. Charles Gyamfi // September 19, 2014 at 12:19 am // Reply

    I wish to know more about herbs but I also want to try and make my own amulet I need your help.

    • Hi Charles, and thanks for your question.

      The most important thing is your *intent* in making an amulet. The amulet itself that you are making doesn’t have to be “perfect” by way of parts or construction. Just go ahead with the materials that become available to you.

      Here’s some more information on amulets from the forum, which I’ve re-posted here:

      “Q: How do you make an amulet for helping with legal problems and or family problems? Thank you.

      A: Thank you for your questions, and I’ll give the same advice and instructions as I would give myself if I were asking.

      First the legal problem- I don’t know what the problem is, so I would make the amulet to receive fairness in court or with whomever I had the problem. Gather a small piece of cloth, or a cloth bag and white ribbon or twine. White represents fairness and an open spirit. Into the bag or onto the cloth, I would add a few coins- if the problem is financial, the coins represent favor in court. So add a few coins, and a dollar, because our system is based on paper or plastic. Add some fennel seeds for banishing negativity. Add a few mint leaves, mint is an herb that attracts money when we need it. If the problem is personal, domestic, or credit card debt, add a photo of a dove [ bird ] The dove is a symbol of peace, and this is the outcome you might wish for. If the legal problem is divorce or child custody, the amulet will not help. Amulets cannot change the heart or painful memories. I wish I could help, but this is a public forum, and I’m sure you don’t want to discuss personal problems. I’ll finish the advice for this amulet. Into the first amulet you will add coins, paper money, fennel seeds, mint, photo of a dove, or a dove feather if you can find one, and then add about 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Salt was often used in ancient times to settle debts. Salt also protects against negativity. Close up the amulet with the ribbon or twine, or close the bag. State your intention to the contents in the bag. Ask the amulet how should you proceed with the legal problem. The answer will come, maybe not the answered you expected, but it will come. Do not open the amulet. It has one purpose, to help you with a legal problem. Once this has happened, bury the amulet in the ground without looking inside.

      Family problems- How often do our actions and the words we speak to our family come back to haunt us? Family- we would never dream of hurling insults and ugly words at strangers, and yet we don’t think twice of doing it to those near and dear to us. If you have done something, go and apologize and be sincere about it. Then, you can make an amulet. Don’t make the amulet in anger. Take a deep breath, make yourself a cup of tea, fresh lemon juice in hot water. Something that will soothe you. Once again, a cloth or a bag. You can use a bandana for the cloth or a piece of fabric. A section of an old shirt or blouse. It’s not so important what you use, as your attitude when you make the amulet. You’ll need blue ribbon or thread, to tie up the amulet. Spread the cloth out, and begin to think about this person or persons with whom you have the problem. Add some fresh rose petals, flowers are often given as a way of apology. Add a few sugar cubes or a teaspoon of sugar, sugar is sweet, and you’re wishing for a sweet outcome to this family problem. Add some lavender flowers or buds, lavender is a powerful herb and has a way of balancing out friction in family members. Draw a picture of the family, or add a photo [ one that you don’t mind losing ], add this to the cloth. If you have hurt someone’s feelings, write a letter to them or a note, ask for forgiveness. Add this to the amulet. Find a picture of a rainbow, look in a magazine or a card store. Cut out the rainbow and add it to the cloth or bag. As you add each item, think about happy times, holidays, growing up, welcoming new members into the family. If it your marriage that is causing a problem, the amulet cannot change the human heart. Still, often we when make an amulet, our outlook changes and the Universe will honor our wishes. Tie the amulet up with the blue ribbon. Tie it tightly. Place it somewhere hidden from everyone. Take it out several times over the next 30 days, hold it close to you and state your intentions to this amulet. Tell the amulet you are willing to help bring about any changes needed. 31 days after you make the amulet, bury it deep in the soil without opening it.”

  2. Witch Sorceress // May 15, 2015 at 8:14 pm // Reply

    What do you reccommend putting inside it if is for love,studies, or buying a house? This was a great article btw. So magical:)

  3. Witch Sorceress,

    Welcome to Mystical Magical Herbs, and thank you for the comment.
    Love- I can name a few that are considered “love herbs.” Basil is said to attract the opposite sex and make the wearer physically attractive for the right person. I would use fresh basil leaves in an amulet when making one. Lavender buds are a magical herb for love, add a teaspoon or two to the amulet. I have made amulets before for people who asked for them. I call this blend:

    ” Love Potion Number 9″ It contains Basil, catnip, Jasmine, Orange peel, Patchouli, Spearmint, Lavender, Yellow or Orange marigold petals, lemon balm, and the Mexican herb- Damiana. Blend a pinch of each in a glass bowl, mix well and add to a muslin bag, or make your own bag from a bandana, or any cloth bag. Tie up the bag, and wear it close your heart. If you don’t have all the herbs, then choose 4 from this list that you do have. Blend these together, and make your amulet. Or make two- one for you and one for him. You can always add a photo of the loved one, or ticket stubs from a concert, maybe a hand written note, or love poem. Something that touches your heart, some physical item that connects you to the love you’re seeking.

    Studies: Rosemary is wonderful for memory, think finals and homework. A few sniffs of fresh or dried rosemary will refresh your brain and give you a “lift.” Also, peppermint is fantastic for quick thinking and problem solving. It refreshes as well as invigorates. Sniff the dried herbs or fresh, or add both of them to a little sachet bag, and carry it with you. Use it like aroma therapy. A cup of lemon balm or chamomile tea while studying helps you to relax so you can concentrate. Take frequent breaks when studying. Add a little pencil and paper to the amulet to keep you connected to the academic world. Maybe add a paperclip to the amulet.

    Buying a house: I would create a “dream amulet,” meaning you have dreams of buying a home. I would blend lavender buds, chamomile flowers, holy basil and rose petals together in an amulet, add a photo of your dream home to the amulet. I would carry this amulet in my pocket or purse or jacket when looking for a house to buy. All the herbs in the above blend are for harmony and domestic tranquility, and I call this blend- House Blessing. For closing on a sale- a silver coin or two, mint and patchouli in a little sachet or amulet. Also, my ancestors placed mint leaves in their shoes for real estate “luck.” Patchouli and mint draw money towards you in the business world, so carry them with you when house hunting. Add a four leaf clover if you can find one.

    I hope this was helpful. Blessed Be.

    Meadow Walker

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