Gift Ideas for the Herb Lover on Your List

herb booksBooks about herbs, don’t forget cookbooks as well. If you plan to order online, do so by the 10th to ensure delivery before Christmas. Check small bookstores, often they will slash prices on seasonal garden books. Scout out flea markets and farmers markets for vintage herb and garden books.
herb wreath
More than likely, you’ll find a kitchen herb wreath, braided garlic, homemade herbal butters and jams at farmers markets and local vendors selling holiday treats.
garden tools


Garden cart

Herbal soap making kit

Essential oils gift set

Herbal sachets

Small herb plants [ check grocery stores ]

Herb vinegars and gourmet cooking oils

Grow lights

Plant mister for indoor herb plants

Herb scissors with parallel blades

Herb keeper, keeps herbs fresher, and fits inside the refrigerator door

Gift basket of assorted herbal teas, mug, raw honey, fresh lemons, fancy sugar cubes, tea strainer

Gift sets of Cajun or West Indies Herbs

Chia Herb Garden Growing Kit: Price is $15.99 at Walgreens or Home Depot. This is a nice gift for people who have limited space for growing herbs. This is a complete growing system, with pots, saucers, liners, growing sponges, 6 different herb seed packets, plant markers and instructions.

herb candleHerb candles in scents of peppermint, bayberry, cinnamon, frankincense, sandalwood, vanilla, strawberry

Herbs [ dried ] for making herb teas, peppermint, lavender, lemon balm: all of these can be purchased online, on eBay and Etsy for example.

~ Meadow Walker

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