Herbal Pharmacy – 2

herbal pharmacy 1

Natural Healing From Mother Earth…

Rosemary- Anti-inflammatory

Basil – Anti-inflammatory

Cumin – Helps with mild dementia

Sage – Helps with moderate dementia

Cinnamon – May help lower blood sugar

Coriander- May help lower blood sugar

Nutmeg- Calming

Turmeric – Immune booster

Oregano – Fights common fungus

Thyme – Heals skin infections

Ginger – Immune booster

Allspice – Mood elevator

Peppermint –  For indigestion

Fennel seeds – For gas and bloating

Korean Ginseng- For stress

Rosehips – Immune booster

Lemon balm – Sleep aid

Parsley- Wards off bladder infections

Chamomile – Relieves tension

Feverfew- Liver tonic

Hawthorne – May help lower blood pressure

Horehound – For fever and cough

Yarrow – Tonic for nerves

And so it was from the beginning, the Great Gaia produced all medicines for the healing of her children.

~ Blessed be, sweet ones

Meadow Walker

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