From the Herb Basket – 22


Milk thistle tea can help prevent post nasal drip. Sipping a cup or two daily reduces post nasal drip, runny nose and other pollen-triggered miseries. Milk thistle’s active ingredient [ silymarin] encourages the liver to flush out symptom-lingering immune proteins. Check your local health store for Alvita Milk Thistle tea bags, or go to

Stress and trouble sleeping seem to go together these days. Check out Badger Night- Night Balm [ $10 for 2 ounces at] This sweetly scented ointment contains chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and spearmint. One or two whiffs from the tube and a refreshing sleep usually follows.

The word basil comes from the Greek, meaning “King.”

Hyssop has been used since ancient times to purify temples and sacred places. Hyssop is packed with antimicrobial oil that kills germs, prevents infections and heals minor wounds. To help cure a cold or sore throat, sip 2 to 3 cups of minty tasting hyssop tea. Check for tea bags- $7.00 for 24 tea bags. Also check at for the tea bags.

Write the name of the person with whom you have a romantic interest on a large, dry bay leaf. Place the bay leaf inside a piece of blue or white cloth and it tuck it inside your pillow. Bay leaf is a dreamer’s herb, and perhaps your romantic interest will dream of you. Every night before you fall asleep, whisper his or her name three times.

Washing your hands in chamomile infused spring water is said to bring luck at the gambling table.

No matter what form-Dragon’s Blood herb should be handled with care, and never handled by pregnant women.

Now you know…Native Americans used Witch Hazel for skin afflictions, making a healing poultice from the ground-up seeds. They collected the oddly shaped seed casings at the end of October. The Anglo-Saxons spelled Witch “Wyche”, and Wyche was an Anglo- Saxon word meaning “bend.” The branches were supple and very pliable and used as dowsing forks by Witches as they searched for truth and running water; often finding both during the full moon.

Garlic reduces the tendency of blood platelets to clot, lessening the risk of heart attack or stroke. Garlic capsules can be taken daily as a nutritional supplement. Consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

The Pennsylvania Dutch call the Calendula plant “ringelros” or “wreath rose” because the flowers were shaped into round garlands for decorating graves. Each year in August, the Dutch will visit the graves of their loved ones, placing the brightly colored orange garlands on headstones.

Garlic chives, also known as Chinese chives are members of the lily family.

Spring Blessings going out to our subscribers and friends of MMH blog.

Blessed be to my brothers and sisters.

~ Meadow Walker

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