Balancing the Chakras


Major chakras and their functions: Within the yogic teachings, seven major chakras are assigned specific qualities, and each minor chakra also has a role to play when it comes to regulating the flow of vibrational energy in the body.

Crown Sahasrara– This chakra rests at the top of the skull. Often when we are releasing pent-up emotions, we’ll feel a tingling sensation as if something is crawling across the scalp. This is normal, the chakra is opening and allowing positive energy to flow inward. The pineal gland is located within the crown.

Brow Anja – Referred to as the “Third Eye Chakra”, or “Our Eye of Psychic Vision”. When we fully connect the mind with the spirit, we reach beyond mere physical sensations. When this chakra is blocked, we often have a sense of self importance, giving rise to the phrase “third eye blind”. Interesting to note that the element of the Anja is ether (sometimes spelled “aether”). We recognize the four basic elements of earth, water, fire and air, but we also have this mysterious fifth element.

In a future article I will write about an interstellar cloud (relating to the ether) that is located behind the Milky Way. It connects people and the Earth with the point of singularity. In other words – with time.

Throat Vishuddha – This chakra is located in the center of your neck. A weakened chakra in this area will cause you to blurt out a hurtful truth or become unable to speak the truth at all. An overactive throat chakra may cause you to stumble over words or have difficulty conveying simple ideas or thoughts. Those who have a weakened throat chakra often stutter or use a word out of context.

Heart Chakra Anahata – When our heart chakra is out of balance, you may feel as though your heart is skipping a beat, or your pulse races, or perhaps you have heart palpitations. If there is no underlying physical condition, then a weakened chakra needs adjustment. Often by letting go of deep-seated resentment, the heart chakra can regain a more normal balance among the other chakras. Work on forgiving others, and then forgive yourself.

Solar Plexus Manipura – Located below the heart chakra. Because it is in the middle of the body, anything amiss here causes you to feel powerless in stressful situations. Or — if out of balance — it can also be the major cause of a domineering spirit — the exact opposite of helplessness.

Sacral Svadisthana – Blockage of the energy flow here often results in very few happy moments in life. Often when this chakra is out of balance you may experience frustrations and temper tantrums.

Base Chakra Muladhara – Its location is near the groin area. When this chakra is weak, you may be extremely unhappy with your weight, or the appearance of your body. You may overeat or drink to excess. Overindulgence helps you to cope with not being in control of your life. When this chakra is way out of balance it produces a violent temper and frustration over simple things.

Analyzing what is happening with your chakras can be a powerful way of fine tuning your body, mind and spirit. Try observing which chakra reacts when you’re stressed, angry or disappointed, and tune into these clues and make notes. This will encourage you to make certain changes and move forward in a positive direction.

Some herbs associated with the chakras.

First chakra – dandelion root

Second chakra – calendula

Third chakra – marshmallow root

Fourth chakra – Hawthorne berries

Fifth chakra – red clover blossoms

Sixth chakra – eyebright

Seventh chakra – lavender


Something to listen to while meditating on the chakras:


Blessed be, sweet ones

~ Meadow Walker


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  1. Excellent advice , I will use in my daily life . Thank you for sharing

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