Yule Blessings


First day of winter is Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 04:88 UTC.

Celtic Blessing – Prayer

The food is put away for winter
The crops are set aside to feed us
The cattle are come down from the fields
The sheep are in from the pasture
The land is cold, the sea is stormy, the sky is gray
The nights are dark, but we have our family
Kin and clan around the hearth
Staying warm in the midst of darkness
Our spirit and love a flame
A beacon burning brightly in the night
And so it is.


The Yule Log

Tradition calls for a seasoned oak log to be burned at Yule. I see no reason why a log of birch could not be burned instead. For birch is a tree of honor as well as the oak. For when a forest is cut or burned, the birch is often the first to return when the forest comes alive again. So if this year has been difficult, then you have something in common with the birch. Upon your hearth or fire pit, burn the birch log and remind yourself that you will also make a come-back just as the birch tree has. Blessings to all who read this.


Good Deeds in a Season of Giving

Drop off gently used coats at a homeless shelter, and if you have little extra cash pick up some packages of warm socks. They will be welcome !

Fill a grocery bag with apples and oranges and take these to the shelter as well.

Add a few extra canned items to your shopping cart each week, and donate these to a food bank. At this time of year, the demand for food far exceeds the availability of the food bank to provide. Peanut butter, tuna, canned salmon, soups and stews are always needed. Good deeds always return to us in ways we can’t imagine. Blessed are the poor for Our Mother the Earth sees them and weeps.

Remember our furry friends. Drop off high-quality dog and cat food at your local animal shelter. Towels are always welcome as well. Check the Dollar Tree for small bath towels, bath mats and little rugs.

Donate children’s books to the hospital in your home town. Dollar Stores have tons of children’s books. Pick up a few and leave them at the visitor center or contact the nurses station for information. Better still, ask around and see if there is a group who plans to visit the children and inquire if you can join in.

Last but not least, Nursing Homes. You don’t have to buy them anything — just show up. They’ll be overjoyed to see a visitor. Give them a hug or several. Sing a few songs with them. And make it a Yule resolution to visit them again, and do it often.

Candles will be lit on the 22nd of December for our friends and family here at Mystical Magical Herbs. May this coming Yule be special for all of you.


Blessed be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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