Natural Herbal Helps and Remedies for the Home

rosemary and ginger

Ginger and Rosemary For Skin Problems

Finely grate a two inch portion of fresh ginger and add it to a bath, tulle or muslin bag. Toss in about two tablespoons of fresh or dried rosemary. Tie the bag tightly and toss it in warm bath water or a basin filled with warm water. What a fragrance ! If you have insect bites or itchy skin from brushing against poison ivy or tomato vines, this ginger-rosemary combination will help. You can bathe with it, or add it to a basin of water to soak your feet. I keep grated ginger in the freezer, and scoop out what I need for the bath or foot soak. I also keep a spray bottle filled with an infusion of this combination and I spray my hands to remove odors from chopping onions and garlic.

Using Four Thieves Vinegar

I know many of you have the Four Thieves Vinegar recipe. It’s one of the top articles at this blog ! I not only spray my arms and legs before I work outside with it, I also spray it on two or three big bandanas. I wrap one of the bandanas around the top of my straw hat, the other bandana I wrap loosely around my neck. For the third bandana I tie it to a belt loop on my jeans. I keep the bandanas soaked in the Four Thieves solution, and I’m less bothered by gnats, flies and mosquitoes. I may smell like a pickle, but it’s better than using toxic chemicals that may sink into my skin and end up in my blood stream.

Summer Closets and Dresser Drawers

Two herbs that will remain sweet smelling for a long time are dried rose petals and lavender buds. Combine these two beautiful herbs in organza bags, small scraps of fabric, or bandanas. Close or sew up the fabric and place them in the linen closet or dresser drawer. Nice to tuck in with T-shirts and lingerie. A faint fragrance for months. I make small sachets of the rose and lavender and place them inside seldom used handbags and dress shoes.

Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer

You’ll need 1 pint of 80 % vodka or gin, 20 cloves, 1/4 cup dried citrus peel, lemon or orange, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 tablespoon dried rosemary leaf, and 1 tablespoon eucalyptus leaves. Add the herbs to a quart mason jar . Slowly pour in the vodka or gin. Cap the jar and place it in a cool area. Gently shake the jar daily. Allow the mixture to infuse for seven full days. Strain out the herbs and place the liquid in a spray bottle. Spritz your hands and allow them to air dry. Don’t spray on children or pets. It’s strong and is for killing bacteria.

Herbal Bedding for Flea and Tick Control

Use an old pillow case or a small, fine weave mesh duffle bag. You can find mesh bags at the Dollar Store (try the “Housewares” section). You’ll need 12 cups of dried cedar chips, 12 cups of pine shavings, 1 cup each dried rosemary, spearmint, pennyroyal, and eucalyptus leaves. Combine all of the ingredients in the pillow case or duffle bag. Either sew it shut or use twine to secure it. Place it in the doghouse or under pet bedding. Replace twice each year. It will control odors and repel insects !

Lavender Headache Compress

You’ll need 1/2 cup dried lavender buds and 2 cups of boiling water. Place the lavender buds in a glass bowl and pour the boiling water over it. Steep for 10-15 minutes and strain out the lavender buds. Soak a wash cloth in the lavender infusion and wring out the excess water. Place the cloth on your forehead or shoulders for some soothing tension relief. You may also use lavender leaves when preparing the infusion.

Musty Smelling Places

To banish odors in gym bags, totes, storage trunks or any enclosed area, you’ll first need a piece of fabric, bandana or brown paper grocery bag. A paper lunch bag will do. For cloth, spread it out and place 4 charcoal briquettes in the center, and add 10 cloves, 4 cinnamon sticks and 1/2 cup of dried peppermint. Tie up the cloth with string or ribbon. Place it inside the tote or the storage area. The charcoal will absorb the odors and the herbs will freshen the surroundings. If using a brown paper bag, add the contents, fold the bag over and staple it shut. Place the bag in the trunk of your car or under the seat. It will control odors and leave a pleasant scent for weeks.

Blessed be sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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