Happy Halloween to All Our Readers !


Some Halloween traditions can be traced back to the ancient Celts and their belief that spirits of the deceased were able to wander the Earth during Samhain.

Treats were laid out to appease the spirits, and costumes were worn so the living would blend in with the departed.

If you encounter spiders in your house on Halloween, don’t kill them, they are deceased loved ones watching over you.

Children who are born on Halloween are said to have the gift of second sight.

Black cats are considered good luck in Ireland, Scotland and England. In the U.S., black cats are a symbol of bad luck.

Never wear clothes or jewelry belonging to a deceased person on Halloween. Roaming spirits will chase after you !

If you must pass a graveyard, turn your pockets inside out to make sure you don’t bring a ghost home in your pocket.

Legend has it you will have good luck if you face sleeping south the night before Halloween.

It’s Halloween !
From the golden autumn sunrise
Till the spooky shadows fall,
Hope this Halloween will be
The very best of all.

~Azul and Meadow Walker


Image courtesy of fanpop.com.


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