All Natural Herbal First Aid

aloe vera gel

Always good to have these in the home for minor illness, scrapes, burns, colds and flu.

Aloe vera gel: For cooling and healing, aloe is at the top of my list for herbal first aid. Aloe vera soothes inflamation of sunburn, minor kitchen burns, blisters, insects bites and scrapes.

Calendula or comfrey salve: Calendula salve is anti-imicrobial and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Comfrey salve has the ability to speed up the healing of wounds and minor skin infections. Due to comfrey’s fast healing action, be sure that the wound has been cleaned before applying the salve.

Chamomile tea: Gentle enough for children to drink during the cold and flu season. Chamomile tea has a calming effect on the elderly and helps them to sleep. Cold chamomile tea can be applied to rashes and outbreaks of acne. For sunburn, pour a cup of cold, chamomile tea into a spray bottle and gently spray it on the sunburn.

Echinacea liquid extract: May boost immunity. The extract can be used internally to treat infections, and externally for burns and minor wounds. Always purchase echinacea from local health food stores.

Eucalyptus essential oil: A fantastic antibiotic and antiviral. It is excellent for treating colds and sinus infections when used in steam inhalation.

Ginger: Comes in capsule form, tea bags or crystal ginger. Ginger tea relieves gas and digestive upsets. When the capsules are taken 2 hours before boarding a ship or airplane, ginger has been proven to relieve motion sickness better than over the counter preparations.

Golden seal: Capsules or powder. Goldenseal combats chronic diarrhea. The powder contains antiseptic properties and can be sprinkled on minor wounds to slow down bleeding. Excellent to use on those razor nicks from shaving. Caution: Do not use goldenseal during pregnancy or while nursing.

Peppermint: Oil, dried peppermint leaves, or tea bags. Peppermint soothes upset stomach, gas and diarrhea. Eases congestion from flu and colds. Cold peppermint tea can be applied to insect bites to stop the itching.

Autumn will be arriving in a few days. Now would be a good time to pick up a few of these herbal items and have them on hand. Don’t forget lemons and honey, maybe a new tea kettle, some flannel for warming the chest during an illness. Keep your feet warm and dry. Eat well, take some vitamin C every day, 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. There are many practical things we can do to stay healthy during winter.

Happy Autumn and good health to our guests who come to Mystical Magical Herbs.

~ Meadow Walker

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