Herb Gifts for Under 20.00

It’s crunch time and the last weekend before Christmas. I thought I would share some gift giving ideas with our viewers.

Herb books are always welcome. Check Books A Million. Or Amazon. Still not to late to order books from Amazon if you do it today. One of my favorite books is The Whole Herb: For Cooking, Crafts, Health and Other Joys of Life. Written by Barbara Pleasant, it sells for 15.95. Check smaller book stores as well for discounted books at Christmas.

Don’t overlook herb magazines as gifts. The Herb Companion Magazine would be ideal for someone just starting out herb gardening. Buy a copy and tuck it in a pretty red or green basket, add a tea cup and a box of herbal tea. A very nice gift to give.

Onto the garden center: You can pick up a watering can and a trowel, but don’t stop there. Along with the watering can and trowel, make a coupon for 5 hours of manual labor in the spring. Now, this is one coupon I’d cash in. Tie a colorful bow on the watering can, slip the can, the trowel and the coupon in a gift bag. Very thoughtful and under 15.00.

Next stop the grocery store: Check the produce section. Most supermarkets have fresh herb plants. Pick up a few and tuck them in a white basket along with a box of loose tea and a tea ball. Very thoughtful gift. They can use the fresh herb plants for cooking and making herb tea. And they can plant them outside when warmer weather arrives. Under 20.00

Next : Lowes-Garden Centers. You can still find herb seed packets, planters and seed starting mix. Pick up a variety of seeds, a planter or two and a bag of seed starter mix. Makes a great gift and what a way to “jump start” the New Year.

Grocery stores have Rosemary plants in the floral section. Most are about a foot tall and sell for 19.95.

Fill a small basket ot gift bag with herbal lotion or soap. If the budget allows, add an aroma therapy pillow. Lavender and roses or lavender and white cedar sachets make thoughtful gifts. Perfect for tucking in the dresser drawer, linen closet or luggage.

More last minute ideas for under $20.00

Lavisher a tea drinker with flavorful herbs, such as mint, chamomile or lemon balm, planted in a decorative teapot. Or fill an inexpensive glass vase with fresh cut herbs and add a festive bow.

For the cat lover on your gift list, plant some catnip seeds in  light weight potting soil. Use a cat mug as the planter.

A business professional might enjoy an easy to care for “desk plant” such as miniature cacti, a Jade plant or philodendron.

How about a DIY planter accompanied by packages of humus, pebbles, fertilizer, and herb seeds.

As for the gift tag…tie a seed packet to the bow, or shop the craft stores and look for miniature watering cans or shovels and tie them on the gifts.

Fairy gardens are very popular this year. If a friend or family member has an indoor Fairy terrarium, give them a brightly colored toad stool, a fairy tea set, or a tiny troll house. Tiny tea cups and saucers are always welcome in Fairy Land.

Blessed be, sweet ones

~ Meadow Walker

Check out the Etsy Store for handmade sachets and herbal teas



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