Pine Needle Tea – A Good Source of Vitamin C

Fresh pine tree needles can be made into a tea that is rich in Vitamin C. Gather a handful of the fresh needles, wash them and then steep in hot (not boiling) water for about an hour. Add some mint leaves (if you have some) to enhance the flavor.

After an hour, strain off the leaves and the resulting pale green liquid can be drunk as-is or sweetened with some honey or sugar. Save the rest and put in the fridge, to be enjoyed later as an ice tea alternative.

This tea is especially useful in cold or temperate climates where you may not have access to Vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables.While most long-needled pine tree species are said to be safe to ingest, a few species have been identified as toxic to livestock, such as the Poderosa, Lodgepole and Monterey pine trees . As always, if you are unsure about whether a particular plant is safe to ingest, be sure to check with a knowledgeable professional before trying it.


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