4 Thieves Formula for use in Avian Enclosures and Domestic Bird Cages

bird cage

Just recently I discovered a friend of mine is being treated for histoplasmosis. This is a lung infection from microscopic fungal spores. The fungus thrives in an environment associated with large amounts of bird or bat droppings.

My friend became ill several weeks after adopting 3 parrots. They never suspected the birds were carrying the spores until much later. In the meanwhile, they began to keep guinea fowl and laying hens in pens and small enclosures for the baby birds. My friend developed a deep cough, lost weight, and had difficulty sleeping.

After several weeks of medical tests it was determined she had a mild case of histoplasmosis. She was placed on oxygen and given 4 prescriptions for antibiotics. She has improved a great deal, but still has a slight cough. One of the parrots died two weeks ago, so she and husband decided to put the remaining birds to sleep, as well as the chickens and guinea. They burned the chicken pens and spread lime on the soil around the vicinity of the pens.

If you would like to know more about avian flu or histoplasmosis here are links to CDC.



This is an organic formula for use in avian enclosures and cages.

2 cups of hydrogen peroxide

2 cups of 5% apple cider vinegar

6 cups of water

6 drops each of essential oils- lavender, thyme, tea tree oil, rosemary, eucalyptus

Mix this together in a gallon spray bottle, or a Miracle Gro spray feeder for use with a garden hose. Remove the chickens/turkeys/guinea fowl from the pens and remove any hay or straw from the area. Spray the coops, pens, nesting boxes, floors and hardware from top to bottom. Allow the 4 Thieves to dry before spreading out nesting materials. Return the animals to the coop/enclosure. Not only does the 4 Thieves kill common bacteria and fungal spores, it also controls mites and other insects in the enclosures. 4 T V is a natural insecticide. You can use this formula weekly. It also helps to control odors in the hen houses.

For cleaning bird cages: Add about 1/2 cup of the 4 Thieves solution to a bucket of warm water. Remove the birds and place them in a clean and previously disinfected cage. Use a clean cloth and immerse it in the solution. Wring it out slightly and go over the cages several times. Rinse well with plain water.

Use hot soapy water to clean food and drinking dishes and rinse them well in plain water. Allow the cages and dishes to air dry two hours before returning the birds to the cages. This formula also controls mites and odors in the cages, and when used weekly helps prevent the build-up of fungal spores.

~ Meadow Walker

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