For Your Information/Ebola Virus


There is no vaccine for the ebola virus. There are no medicines, no cures. Your best defense is a strong immune system, proper hydration, attention to hygiene and proper rest.

Wash hands in plain soap and water. Do not use hand sanitizers or alcohol wipes. Wash your hands for 30 seconds, rinse well, and use paper towels for drying your hands.

Do not share utensils, or shake hands with anyone. Do not touch your face, and give some thought to popping gum or mints in your mouth using your hands. Do not put pens or pencils in your mouth.

Avoid causal kissing and sexual relations with people you hardly know. Make sure you explain this in detail to your children, and why they should refrain from casual sex.

I would advise everyone to stock up on juice, water, soups, wholesome foods, avoid red meat, or freshly killed animals, including deer and rabbit. You might also think about stocking up on aspirin and vitamins.

Paper products would useful, and lots of heavy duty trash bags. Keep at least a two month  supply of food, bottled water,  prescription medicines, full tank of fuel, extra clothes, towels, diapers and wipes.

And most importantly….Clorox bleach and common household 3% hydrogen peroxide will kill the ebola virus ! Add 1 tablespoon of unscented Clorox bleach to a gallon of water and wipe down surfaces.

If using peroxide, do not dilute, use it full strength.

Chance favors those who are prepared.

~ Blessed be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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  1. Thanks, Meadow Walker for the above article. I’d also like to add to the discussion.

    This is from a Pathogen Safety Data Sheet of the Public Health Agency of Canada:

    “SUSCEPTIBILITY TO DISINFECTANTS: Ebolavirus is susceptible to 3% acetic acid, 1% glutaraldehyde… and dilutions (1:10-1:100 for ≥10 minutes) of 5.25% household bleach (sodium hypochlorite), and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder)… ” [1]

    As you mentioned in your post, “Clorox” or household bleach is effective against the virus. Interestingly, acetic acid (the main acid in vinegar) is also mentioned in the Data Sheet.

    According to the Mayo Clinic website:

    “Signs and symptoms typically begin abruptly within five to 10 days of infection with Ebola or Marburg virus. Early signs and symptoms include:

    Severe headache
    Joint and muscle aches

    Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include:

    Nausea and vomiting
    Diarrhea (may be bloody)
    Red eyes
    Raised rash
    Chest pain and cough
    Stomach pain
    Severe weight loss
    Bleeding, usually from the eyes, and bruising (people near death may bleed from other orifices, such as ears, nose and rectum)
    Internal bleeding…” [2]

    Early, and even later symptoms are similar to many other diseases such as influenza, malaria, typhoid fever, and other tropical fevers. The only way to confirm an ebola case is with a blood test including:

    Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
    Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PCR) [3]

    We cannot say for sure if someone really has an ebola infection until it is confirmed with an accurate blood test or virus isolation.

    As Meadow mentioned, a good way to stay healthy is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Another way is to keep your immune system healthy.

    According to an article at, “Flu Vaccine: The Horrible “Immune System Mistake” Millions Will Make This Year”, some vaccinations may compromise the immune system. [4]

    — Azul

    [1] “Ebolavirus – Pathogen Safety Data Sheets”. Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity > Biosafety Programs and Resources > Pathogen Safety Data Sheets and Risk Assessment. Public Health Agency of Canada.

    [2] Mayo Clinic – Ebola virus and Marburg virus

    [3] Mayo Clinic – Ebola virus and Marburg virus

    [4] Flu Vaccine: The Horrible “Immune System Mistake” Millions Will Make This Year –

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