Holiday Stress Busters

scent of rosemary

Feeling topsy-turvy? It could be early holiday stress. You may think it’s not important, but it is. Stress can be sneaky and seemingly everywhere. While we can’t avoid it, we should try and handle it while it’s small. If you realize that stress has gotten the better of you, pause and take a break. Stress is a part of life, but it can be controlled. It’s not the minutes in your life that count, it’s the life in your minutes that truly make a difference.

Monday- Buy yourself a small rosemary plant, and one for a friend or co-worker. Deliver the plant in person or place the plant on his or her desk or counter. Several times each day, breathe in the aroma of the rosemary essence. You’ll feel refreshed and able to cope better with traffic, deadlines, and harried shoppers.

Tuesday- Have a small candy cane. The peppermint will lift your spirits, and calm an out-of-sorts tummy. Why not buy a box of them, place them in a festive bowl or candy dish, and set the candy canes out for others to enjoy. If nothing else, everyone will have fresh breath and a holiday fragrance about them.

Wednesday- Have a fresh orange for breakfast. Researchers have found that citrus scents boost joyful feelings. Fruit is good for you as well. You’ll feel fuller and less likely to snack on junk food.

Thursday- Treat your feet. After a day of shopping, soak your feet in lavender scented water. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a tub of warm water, relax and allow the cares of the day to vanish.

Friday- Brew yourself a cup of green tea and sip it slowly. Green tea is rich in theanine compounds which have been shown to reduce stress.

Saturday- Enlist the aid of family, room mate, spouse or a friend to help with chores, baking, shopping, wrapping, etc. Don’t attempt to do it all by yourself. Cook a simple dinner or go out and have pizza. Before turning in for the night, take one last look at the stars or the moon, and count your blessings, they will far outweigh your problems.

Sunday- Re-frame your thoughts. Positive self-talk helps you calm down and reduce stress. Think: “I can do this”, rather than “everything is a mess and I’m overwhelmed.”

Life is but a song – sing it.

~ Blessed be, sweet ones.

Meadow Walker

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