Soft and Silky Skin


Unless you’ve immersed yourself in oil this time of year, your skin is probably feeling the effects of cold air, dry and stuffy rooms, and lack of moisture. Because the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it is the first to suffer from lack of moisture. Water, plain and simple. Two pints each day in addition to tea, coffee and other liquids. A simple test to determine if you’re semi-dehydrated is to gently lift up skin on the back of your hand. If it springs back or is hard to grasp, you’re well- hydrated. If it “puckers” and sags, you need water. As we age our skin becomes thinner and is subject to dryness. Lotions, oils and butters help to replenish natural oils that are removed during winter.

Oils and the percentage in body creams, lip balms, and lotions: Most oils are 25-100% in massage oils, 5-10% in soaps, 2-10% in lip products, 25-75% in scrubs and 2-5% in creams.

Lanolin- This is a honey-like liquid made from sheep wool, easily absorbed, creates a barrier that holds moisture in. Lanolin is hypo-allergenic, inhibits bacterial growth and is often added to moisturizing soaps and the creamier lotions.

Argan Oil- Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It heals and conditions skin and hair. Wonderful for ragged cuticles and split ends. It is often added to hand and nail creams, and the more expensive hair conditioners.

Sweet Almond Oil- Expensive, but worth it. The most popular oil because of its light weight, wonderful fragrance and quickly penetrates into your skin to moisturize it. Rich in vitamin E, it heals and protects extremely dry skin.

Jojoba Oil- Used for hair and scalp care, hand and nail care. It is often blended with other carrier oils, and holds its scent well for making lotions and massage oils.

Coconut Oil- Semi-solid oil that melts at skin temperature. It is gentle enough to apply directly to your skin, or added to lotions and soaps. A great moisturizer for cracked skin and brittle nails.

Babassu Oil- Will solidify in cold temperatures, but will soften in warm areas.  Protects skin and is non-greasy. Used in lotions and conditioners for dry scalp. For those who are not familiar with babaassu oil, it is made from a yellow vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm [ attalea speciosa ]. The palm grows in the Amazon region of South America.

Horsetail [ Equisetum ]- An ancient herb plant, prehistoric in fact, that resembles a horse’s tail. One of the compounds in the oil extracted from horsetail leaves in silicon. Horsetail helps protect cells from free radicals that cause skin damage. Helps rebuild and regenerates damaged skin.

Always read the labels before buying skin care products. The more ingredients listed, the further away it is from being good for you and the skin you’re in. Skin care products by law do not have to disclose all the ingredients, herbs, essential oils, and fragrances when making their products. This falls under the FDA “trade secret” rule. More than likely if it has 20 ingredients, most of them will be synthetic.

Blessed Be, sweet ones

~ Meadow Walker

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