Herb Catalogs

This month would be a good time to design and plan the 2015 herb and vegetable garden. Over the past several years I’ve taught students that the best and most productive gardens begin on paper. Draw up a list of what did well for you last year, and a list of what didn’t do well for you. Maintaining garden records is an excellent idea. It need not be involved, a simple notebook will do. Write it in once a week, dates, plans, things to buy, things to do. Keep up with receipts and supplies.

Ordering from seed catalogs can be expensive. If the budget is tight, and you have limited funds, then you might want to check out local nurseries and garden centers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeds from the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General or K-Mart. These stores also sell seed starting mix, peat cups, planters and small garden tools. If you need information about gardening, check the Archives and Categories here at the blog. We have over 21 pages of information about herbs, gardening, growing, planting, you name it ! It’s there.

Blessed be, sweet ones

~ Meadow Walker

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