Happy September to All Our Readers !

Good morning, and a Happy September to all !

I trust you’ve had a good summer.

As I was signing off in my previous post, I mentioned the problems I was having with slugs, and I sounded pretty optimistic about the sandpaper I had just fitted around my huacatay seedlings.

Sandpaper did not deter the slugs ! They had no trouble sliding over it.

Small plastic bowls half-filled with beer are very effective in attracting and killing slugs.


Or you could go out at night with flashlight, bucket and tongs and pick off the slugs by hand. The slugs collected in the bucket can then be released in a corner of the yard that’s far away from your garden.

I prefer this last method !


2 Comments on Happy September to All Our Readers !

  1. Azul,

    Why release the slugs? Shouldn’t they all be killed. They are parasites?

  2. Hi Dad ! Good point. I was killing them off with the beer traps but later on I felt it wasn’t right to keep killing them this way, and decided then to just “transfer” the slugs that I found on the plants to another part of the garden.

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