From the Herb Basket – 33


Independent studies suggest Eucalyptus oil may help with thinning hair. A gentleman mixed five drops of Eucalyptus oil with a teaspoon of almond oil, and applied it to his scalp every day. He gently rubbed it in where his hair was the thinnest. He noticed –after a trip to the barber– new growth of hair on the areas where he applied the oil. It’s worth a try.

Painful canker sores? Canker sores can make it tough to eat or talk. Swish cool chamomile tea in your mouth. Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe pain.

Healing calendula: Rub a few drops of calendula oil or cream on a raw nose. Often after a bout with a cold your nose is red and raw. Soothing calendula contains plant compounds that quickly heal those inflamed areas.

Headache? Take a few sniffs of cilantro, — fresh or dried — for 1 minute. Linalool in the herb calms pain centers in the brain. Place a tablespoon of cilantro in a small bowl on your nightstand to soothe pain while you sleep. Smelling it while sleeping helps prevent next-day headaches.

Crepey skin? Mix 1 tsp. of finely chopped, fresh sage with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Rub onto areas with crepey skin. Let sit for ten minutes before rinsing.

Want shiny hair? Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 6 drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply evenly from roots to ends of damp hair. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Bergamot bioflavonoids: People who sip bergamot citrus tea daily, claim the tea helps with inflammation in their joints. Worth a try for those aches and pains.

Queasy stomach? Often greasy foods will do it. Try chewing a few coriander seeds to ease a churning stomach. Coriander seeds contain compounds that quickly “ease the quease.”

Blessed Be, sweet ones

~ Meadow Walker

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  1. Great advice ! I didn’t know a lot of these things ! Thank you

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