Lovely Lemon Balm – Part Two

Not only is lemon balm used in cooking, baking, crafts, in teas, it is also a powerhouse of anti-viral, antispasmodic, and contains natural sedative properties. Lemon balm, when brewed as tea promotes a gentle sleep and acts as an anti-anxiety aid.

The plant leaves and essential oils contain caffeic acid and ferulic acid which provide protection from known carcinogens, prevents inflamation, suppress certain bacteria, and have antioxident properties.

Medical uses for lemon balm include tea for stomach problems, digestive and sleep aids, flu and fever reducer; poultices for skin infections. When taken in capsule form, lemon balm works wonders for tension heachaches. Lemon balm may be able to to help individuals relieve stess or nervousness. Before resorting to powerful and potentially addictive sedatives, you may be able to alleviate symptoms of nervousness with all- natural lemon balm. It can be purchased in liquid tincture at many health food stores.

And yes, I do grow lemon balm, lots of it. I brew my own tea and enjoy a cup each evening before bed time.

~ Meadow Walker

“She Grows Lemon Balm”

This is a 12 minute video from Herb TV about Lemon Balm

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