A Sweet Smelling Home

A clever way to use up surplus, dried herbs

Herbs lose their flavor after about a year, instead of throwing them away, simmer them in a crockpot. Toss in a handful of the dried herbs, mix and match, add one thinly sliced whole lemon. Fill the crockpot with 6 cups of water, and adjust the crockpot setting on low. Your home will smell fresh all day.

Suggestions for which herbs to use- rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, mint, ginger, lavender, any of the basil family, and lemon verbena.

ground cinnamon-orange-cloves

Cinnamon, Cloves, and Orange Room Air Freshener

Ground cinnamon, and whole cloves expired? Don’t toss them out. Poke several holes in a fresh orange, and insert the cloves in the holes. Roll the orange in the ground cinnamon. Place the orange in a shallow, glass bowl. It will perfume the air for weeks, and have you dreaming of far away places.

Sweet Smelling Carpet

1/2 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup of table salt

1/2 cup of dried herb-finely crushed

Add ingredients to a small zip loc bag and shake well. Sprinkle the contents evenly over the carpet, wait ten minutes,and vacuum. Suggested herbs for mixing with the salt and soda- peppermint, lavender, rosemary, spearmint, lemon basil, lemon balm.

The Sweetest Fragrance

Two herbs that will remain sweet smelling for a long time: Dried roses and dried lavender. You can combine these two beautiful herbs in organza bags, or small squares of linen or velour. Close or sew up the squares, and place them in a linen closet, dresser drawer or a hand bag. Nice to tuck in a travel bag or in with seasonal clothes. A feminine fragrance for years to come.

Musty Smelling Places

To banish odors in gym bags, totes, storage trunk, any enclosed area. You’ll need an handkerchief or bandana. Spread the cloth out and place 2 charcoal briquettes in the center. Place 20 whole cloves, 4 cinnamon sticks and 1/4 cup dried mint. Tie the cloth up with twine and place it inside the bag or trunk. What a great fragrance. The charcoal absorbs odors and the herbs and spices freshen the air. Totally knocks out that musty smell.

~ Meadow Walker

We can custom make any of the above items. We also carry other herbal products in the Etsy store. Check out the low prices on the Four Thieves Blends, lavender and cedar sachets, organically grown and dried herbs for teas and tinctures.


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