Earth Day

Today marks the anniversary of an environmental movement which began in 1970. Sen. Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin came up with the idea for Earth Day in 1969. Nelson was awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom for his role as founder of Earth Day.

Much credit should be given to author Rachel Carson for penning her best selling novel “Silent Spring” which gave birth to the modern environmental movement. Ms. Carson raised public awareness for the environment, wild life and human health.

Not only today, but every day should be Earth Day. There are those who claim it’s too late to change the world. This may be true, but we should not give up on this beautiful blue/green planet. For she has sustained us for millions of years. Do your part to help maintain her beauty. Clean- up your own mess, and then go on to help a neighbor, community, state.

In truth we heal her, in caring we love her.

She is our mother. We need her, our children need her.


~ Meadow Walker

Dirt Box Earth Day Everyday Challenge

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