Detox With Refreshing Waters


Lemon/lime and mint: Lemon or lime juice helps stimulate the digestive track, encourages bile production, so important for a healthy liver. Mint leaves help with digestion and relieve heartburn. Mint also helps relax stomach cramps resulting from undigested fats.

You’ll need a gallon of spring or mineral water. Bottled water is okay if that’s all you have on hand. One sliced lemon, one sliced lime, and 15 fresh mint leaves, peppermint is best, but you can also use spearmint or orange mint. Be sure to wash the fruit under running water before slicing. You’ll need a a big glass pitcher or several quart mason jars. If using a pitcher, add the citrus fruit and the mint leaves, slowly pour the water into the pitcher, or divide the fruit, mint, and water evenly in the mason jars. Cover and chill for a few hours. Do not add any sugar to the mix. You’ll come to enjoy the refreshing taste of this tart lemon/lime flavor with a hint of mint.

This drink is also a refreshing bladder and kidney flush for pregnant women. The juices and the mint help to flush out toxins and ammonia build-up. You can drink up to 3 or 4 cups each day. You may also replace the citrus fruit with one peeled and sliced cucumber. Add this to the pitcher along with the mint, then add the water. The cucumber contains citrulline which helps rid the body of by-products of excreted proteins.

These drinks will help replace fluid loss during exercise or sports. Other combinations are: Fresh orange slices and lemon balm leaves. Lemon slices, spearmint and one cup of cubed watermelon. I would use bottled water when preparing these drinks. Tap water contains so many chemicals, and would counteract the health benefits of the fruit and herbs.

Replace the fruit and herbs twice each week in the pitcher before adding water. Keep the drinks chilled and reach for these instead of soda.

You might want to warm this on a cold night. It makes a delicious herb/citrus drink. Just add two cups of the water to a sauce pan and heat it up. Drink while hot.

~Meadow Walker

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