From the Herb Basket

Bay tree with flowers

Bay is a long-lived and slow-growing pyramid shaped evergreen tree. According to folk lore, a bay tree in the garden or grown near the front door keeps away evil as well as thunder or lightning.

During the Crusades, ladies embroidered flowers of borage onto scarves which they gave to their chosen knights before they went into battle. “I, borage, bring courage.”

In the middle ages, many plants were renamed ‘ Mary’s Gold ‘ in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Comfrey’s other name, knitbone, is a clue to its traditional use in poultices to encourage the healing of broken bones.

Cured in salt, vinegar and sugar, fresh ginger is used in the Japanese raw fish dish, sashimi.

Ginkgo dates back to the time of the dinosaurs, long before the evolution of flowering plants. It is now extinct in the wild, and only the domesticated variety is prescribed in western medicine.

Hyssop is grown as much for its beauty and its ability to attract butterflies and bees, as it is for its culinary and medicinal uses. Hyssop is an ancient herb that was attributed with cleansing properties in biblical times, and even used in the treatment of leprosy. Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean as snow. I heard this once, long ago.

Anti- Inflammatory Juice: This juice takes advantage of the more than 20-anti inflammatory compounds in celery, which was discovered by renowned herbalist James Duke. One cucumber, four stalks of celery, one apple, pass all ingredients through a juicer or whirl in a blender with a little water. Drink immediately.

Meadow Walker

~ Blessed be, sweet ones.





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