Cleanup Time

to bed1

When it comes to putting the garden to bed (for winter), the first step should be clean up your plants — this would include any food crop beds or any annual herb plants. You’ll prevent diseases from returning the following year by removing any diseased plant material and disposing of it by putting it in the trash. Be sure to bag it first before placing it in the trash receptacle. Certain plants harbor diseases so it’s best to remove them from the garden when the growing season is finished. It’s a good idea not to compost tomato vines, potato vines, or any plants with mildew on them, such as squash or cucumber vines.

Once the plants have been removed, till or spade the garden areas to prevent weeds from sprouting. Once you’ve done this, cover the garden area or beds with a 4 inch layer of mulch. This will protect the soil from winter rain or snow. As the mulch breaks down over winter it will feed the soil in preparation for spring planting.

End of Summer Checklist…

Plant spring bulbs at the end of September

Divide or move spring-blooming perennials

Clean garden beds of plant material and discard it

Leave plants with seed pods or berries for the wildlife to enjoy

Sow dill and cilantro for a late fall harvest

Mulch all uncovered soil with hay, straw or pine bark

Bring in houseplants and pot up parsley and chives for holiday cooking

Continue to water shrubs and perennial herbs until late November

Empty clay pots and store them upside down so they will not collect water, otherwise they may freeze and burst

Keep the lawn mowed and lime or fertilize in late September

Re-pot any herbs that have out grown their summer planters… and

Order seed catalogs early.

Blessed be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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