Busy Besom


Practical Magic- Here and There

Replace all dried herbs, sachets, stubby candles, amulets, poppets, bundles, and sleep pillows once a year. I like to replace and freshen everything the day before the Summer Solstice. For power wanes each time the objects are handled or used in spells and rituals.

Make new sachets for protection and prosperity. Create new amulets for love, protection, blessings, and infuse them with fresh, magical energy. If you have bought candles, holders, cauldrons, or any magic potions, bless these and charge them under the full moon.

Wash crystals and glassware in warm water and a pinch of sea salt. Smudge your work area with white sage for cleansing and clearing out negative energy. We do spring cleaning of our homes, and it’s wise to do a little magical cleaning as well.

Everything should be handled only by you. Touch it, speak to it, infuse it with your Magick.

Sweep the doorways with your broom or besom, clear out the cobwebs and corners where negativity might be hiding. Use an old broom, it knows where the dirt is ! Air out cushions and pillows in the noon sun, open the windows, let the fresh air flow through your home.

Experiencing the Magick

Never do more than three spells or rituals in a 24 hour period. Never perform spells for money, no matter how much they offer. If you perform magick work, and they wish to purchase the items needed, then this is acceptable. Never charge anyone, never ask for cold, hard cash ! Your magick will leave you as quickly as it came. For this entire Universe operates under certain laws, and this includes the Magical as well.

So be a good Witch, give away much and ask for little in return. For we are all brothers and sisters and love is the most powerful Magick of all.

Healing and Protection

Don’t be timid when asking for healing and protection. Speak in a firm voice, a voice that is confident and sure. Seal the ritual or spell with a simple “so mote it be,” or “it has been done,” or “it is completed”. As you become more accustomed to performing spells the right ending will come to you.

Put your whole being into asking and believe you have received what you have asked for. And so it is.

Notebooks and Pens

Keep a notebook and pen handy. This notebook is not to be confused with a book of shadows. This notebook I’m speaking of is for daily thoughts, ideas, spells, etc.

When you hear an idea or read something, write it down. Each week, jot down what position the moon or sun is in. This may affect your daily rituals, so always be aware of this and plan your schedule around the sun and the moon. If dreams reveal information to you, write down as much as you can remember of the dream; how you felt and whether it was a good dream or a bad one. For often the spirit world tries to show us something of importance in our daily lives.

Herbs and Personal Power

If you’ve been at this blog for a few years, then you know herbs are my life. I love them and work with them daily. Any witch worth her salt has them in one form or another. Although store bought herbs work well in magick spells, they will never replace the herbs you have grown, labored over, collected and dried. These herbs, with your own personal enchantments attached are powerful ! Never under-estimate them or yourself ! Better a small pot of basil on a sunny windowsill, than a vast supply of herbs grown Goddess knows where !

Start small in your own collection. Grow 4 herbs of your own. tend them with love, and when harvested by you, then see if they are not more powerful than you ever imagined. Herbs are easy to grow. They require soil, sun, water and patience. There are more than 200 articles at this blog about herbs. So check the Archives on the main page for ideas and information.

Blessed be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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