LEO The Lion ~ Fifth House – 23 July – 22 August

Ruler- Sun 
Element – Fire 
Best Day – Sunday 
Lucky Number – 1 
Birthstones – Cat’s eye, ruby 
Metal – Gold 
Colors- Orange, golden yellow, red and green 
Foods – Steak, walnuts, spinach, kale, and golden honey 
Herbs -Fennel,  parsley, rosemary, anise, chamomile 

Hard to overlook the Leos: The women, generous and shapely; The men, equally generous and well built. Leo eyes are beautiful, often golden brown with greenish overtones.

Parents – Loving and playful with their children, but often the Lion can be harsh especially if the children don’t excel in school or sports. A good spouse or partner, but at times those golden eyes tend to wander towards others. Leo finds it hard to give his or her “all” to just one person.

Career – Leo is a natural, easily the rock star, actor, fashion designer or jeweler. He or she can do it all, often taking the business world by storm. Leo’s make excellent cardiologists as they connect on the highest level with the human heart.

Clothes – Free spending Leo will often live above their means, as clothes, fancy cars and expensive dinners are very important to their public image. Always well dressed, money seems to slip through their golden paws. Very few Leo’s save for a rainy day.

Gifts – Leo loves anything flashy and expensive, gold and diamonds rate high as do vacations to exotic places.

Make no attempts to tame these beasts. For they are meant to rule the jungle.

And when the Lion is roaring, offer them a cup of chamomile tea and they’ll purr like kittens.

Blessed Be, sweet ones.

~ Meadow Walker

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