Herbal Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Giving an herbal gift is a healthy way to celebrate Father’s Day ! Here are some gift ideas, including some you can make yourself:
  • If he likes to cook with fresh herbs, consider herb scissors, with parallel blades for cutting chives and other herbs, to avoid smashing them.
  • Herb keeper – keeps fresh cut herbs “fresh” for a lot longer. Fits inside the refrigerator door.
  • Gift basket with assorted herbal teas, mug, honey, lemon butter or lavender sugar cookies. Raw honey is better than the pasteurized kind.
  • Homemade herb foot powder – 1 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup each, dried patchouli, sage, rosemary. Mix ingredients in a ziploc bag until well blended. Choose a large colorful bandana and pour the herb mixture into the bandana. Tie up the bandana hobo style with raffia ribbon, or yarn. This is very soothing after a long day. Pat the bandana on both feet with the herb scented baking soda.
  • Fragrant sachets- mix equal parts of dried lavender buds, peppermint and white cedar shavings. Pack the contents into small organza bags and close them tightly with the draw string. You can also use small muslin bags. Hang the fresh sachets in his closet, or place them under the front seat of the car. These little sachets can also be tucked into a gym or overnight bag. They impart a fresh scent — and keep moths and other bugs away !
  • Grilling basket, BBQ tongs, Summer Grilling Herbs and Spices gift set- include herbs or herb mixes such as smoke pepper corns, sea salt, Cajun or West Indies Rubs. Rosemary is an excellent herb to grill with.
  • Books about herbs – Cookbooks as well – herb cookbooks.
  • Have a happy Father’s Day !!

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